Okay so this is going to be a haphazard book review. Partly because I am still figuring out how to make sense of this book. Troublesome, is not it? Well, this is quite the feeling when you read this book.

It’s a crazy read, psychological thriller that is going to keep you at the edge of your seat throughout the whole read. It will certainly stir up those hidden corners of your imagination that were lying untouched filled with darkness. If you fond of watching movies over books, its my word for you to give this one a read. You might have a permanent change of perspective. Vivid pictures will play constantly in your mind through the entire read.

The book was originally written in Korean by author Han Kang, and then eventually translated into English. It is a quick 150 pages read and anyone looking for captivating fiction can certainly give it a try. Honestly, its one of those few books that I could not stop reading due to nail-biting anxiety and gut grinding excitement as to what will happen next. So, beware this book is going to keep you on hook. And that is the beauty of it.

The story revolves around a woman Yeong- Hye who decides to turn vegetarian due to certain change of events. Though her vegetarian journey is not so easy being part of Korean society which majorly thrives on meant based cuisines. But aah haan – careful nothing will present itself as you had expected. Well! revealing too much in this review might backfire as a spoiler.

If the days are tiring or life is taking a toll on you- you can get a quick reality escape with this book. The images that haunts your mind even after reading is really something.

Well apart from how good the book is, it does lets us have a quick glance into hostility of humans, how meaningful relationships can make or break us. You can also expect bit of eroticism halfway through the book. But there is a deep darkness that claws on you during the read. Its captivating how the author plays around along the thin lines of anxiety or insanity, hostility and violence, sober and extreme human emotions.

To conclude, from Han’s Words – with all the sadness and anxiety that we  live with, its easier to let go off the thread that holds us back and gives us hope to fight back, to persevere what life throws at us. But if we let go off that thread, we might never find it again. All of us may have dreams, horrible ones pulling ourselves into their deep crevices- we may either let ourselves get dissolved and let them take over us or we can keep holding the thread. On which side of  margin we land- it decides our fate.

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